Mount Shasta Soul Session


1)  Soul Session   (In person or Online)

In this Soul Session, you will receive both Soul Essence Portrait & One on One Session.

Cost – $244

Soul Essence Portrait — a drawing of your unique divine essence.  When we were created by the Source as a spark of beautiful light, we were given a special unique vibrations. These vibrations can be seen as a sacred geometric design.  I merge with individuals in the heart center and channel the information as sacred geometric designs. I also welcome our Higher-self energy to assist to understand this lifetime’s purpose on the Earth. The role and purpose of this form of drawing is to provide people a visual reminder of who you truly are, and also to trigger the remembrance of your soul purpose and activate in our deep soul level.  It is a card size 4.5 x 6 inches on paper. Example is on the bottom of this page.

One on One Session (60-80 minutes)  — We connect to the sacred portal of Mt. Shasta and Ascended Masters, Angels, Lemurians and Galactic beings who wish to assist you during this session.   I will receive your questions for you while we casually talk about what is going on in your life.  I feel your spirits guides’ response and feedback and share with you.  My words are always very grounded in order to practically apply for our self development. I am not a psychic reader to offer your future view. The guides from the Light Realm will speak through me and give the words you need to hear the most for your personal development, healing and expansion at the time of your session to be able to apply to your daily life.

* If you are planning to visit Mt. Shasta and wish to have your session in person, please contact Ha-Ru-Ko to set up your appointment time.  Email – or call 530-859-1198.  Session location is @ Blue Star Child Gallery – 308 North Mount Shasta Blvd. in Mount Shasta, California.

* If you wish to have your session online, I will mail your Soul Essence Portrait and set up and then we will set up our session date & time.

2)  Personal Session & Guided Meditation Time in Mount Shasta Sacred Spot

Cost – $188      Session Time – (Daily) 9:30am to 12pm  

One on One Session and Guided Meditation in Mount Shasta.  (Seasonal between May to November)  This is a 3 hours Session (including a round trip from the town of Mt. Shasta to the sacred spot in Mt. Shasta – about 60 minutes)   In this session, we go to the sacred spot and Ha-Ru-Ko will also offer a Guided Meditation and personal session.    Please email or call for appointment.   530-858-1198

People’s Review

Ha-Ru-Ko did one for me about six years ago, and I’m amazed every day when I look at it. I feel as if I’m growing into what she captured. I highly, highly recommend this. Ha-Ru-Ko is amazing and special! So glad I know this wonderful artist and seer!!!! Much love and luck on this new endeavor. I’m so happy that others will get to experience your uniqueness and your kind and loving nature!! ❤️💗Tom Rigler (Teacher of Seraphim Blueprint)

“After meeting Ha-Ru-Ko in person and feeling her genuine, open and beautiful energy, I knew I had to inquire about her services and art. The soul essence portrait and private session was so much more than I could’ve imagined!
Everything from the colors in the portrait to the wonderful message on the back resonated heavily. I am still integrating all that I learned during our session, but one thing that has stayed with me was the phrase, ‘Everything is a gift!’
The session also ended with a meditation where I felt surrounded by love. Ha-Ru-Ko and her art / services are absolutely the best gift you could gift yourself on this journey of life. I am forever grateful for it all.” – Rebecca Berry

It brings me to tears every time I meditate with it, there’s something that feels so real and profound! you are a master alchemist and I bow to you in deep gratitude! – Argon / Blue Dragon AlchemyConnecting with Haruko is like plugging into joy & play. Her essence is so sweet & full of life just like her artwork. The soul essence portrait she drew of me is something I will cherish and come back to when I need to remember who I really am. After our session, I felt like I was on the “right road” so excited to see what’s next! The fear and doubt that’s been clouding me fell away. And, Haruko equipped me with some tools to help me come back to joy when I need to brush up my energy. So many things clicked through our connecting. She reminded me that we can choose joy and fun. That’s how I want to live. Thank you Haruko! Galactic Love!! – Paige One

It brings me to tears every time I meditate with it, there’s something that feels so real and profound! you are a master alchemist and I bow to you in deep gratitude! – Argon / Blue Dragon Alchemy